Regina spektor - far

"Regina's songs are like literature," said Lynne, who doesn't usually work with new artists, but said that Spektor's demo tapes blew him away. "It hits you right in the face how brilliant it is," he said. Lynne produced four songs for the album. [5]

Lynne spent the back half of the '90s relatively quiet as a dispute over the ownership of the name Electric Light Orchestra worked its way through the courts. After winning the rights to ELO , Lynne released Zoom -- which was largely recorded on his own -- under the Electric Light Orchestra moniker in 2001. The album received good reviews but generated no hits. Lynne then turned his attention to working with George Harrison on a new collection of songs. Harrison died before he could complete the album, but Lynne finished it and it was released as Brainwashed in 2002. Four years later, Lynne reunited with Tom Petty for Highway Companion , their first album together since Into the Great Wide Open in 1990.

Regina Spektor - FarRegina Spektor - FarRegina Spektor - FarRegina Spektor - Far