Various - vollanalog!

01 All Our Dreams Are Coming True 3:55
02 Jungle Eyes 4:51
03 She's My Main Squeeze 3:58
04 Gene's Theme 3:23
05 I Am Living In A World Of Gloom 3:30
06 Don't Play That Song 4:23
07 Satin Soul 4:26
08 Cream Corner (Get What You Want) 3:44
09 To The Bone 4:53
10 All Our Dreams Are Coming True (7'' Version) 3:21
(Bonus Track)
11 Satin Soul (7'' Version) (Bonus Track) 3:03

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Herb Voland was an American actor, best known for his various roles on the sitcom Bewitched and as General Crandell Clayton on the sitcom M*A*S*H during Seasons 1 and 2.

Much has been made in some quarters about the swearing, the drugs and the violence in the film and whether it was an authentic and accurate reflection of how things were then. Petty criminality and trafficking were an integral part of the scene in the 70s; it was far from one big happy family at times, as testimony from people who actually visited the toilets at the Golden Torch confirms. The real life story of what happened to Pete Lawson, for example, is far stranger and darker than anything portrayed in the film. We were lucky enough to have lots of friends and acquaintances who were heavily involved back then and who were invaluable sources of anecdotes and information – Guy Hennigan, Butch, Tim Finch, Ady Croasdell, Sue Brick, Chris Brick, Dave Clegg the sadly departed Fran Franklin, Mickey Cruise and Ant Wilson to name just a few…

1. Vollanalog 1:39
2. Jenny 3:49
3. Kopna Kopna 4:14
4. Komrad 5:25
5. Trabi 5:32
6. Kaninchi 2:10
7. Baikonur 2:48
8. Laika 5:47
9. Kosmonaut 4:22
10. Hippocamp 6:00